May 27, 2022

Orbital wrapper

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Six size orbital wrapper for MDF board

The chinese manufacturer provides automatic board packing machine for stretch wrapping the boards.


Six Sided Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper for Board

or strapping and wrapping your products on line, we have made two possible solutions as below:
Solution 1: using 3 turntables to transfer them to one line and followed by pallet inverter( add pallet to the top and turnover the whole pack 180°) , strapping and stretch wrapping.
The links below are machines we made before, to make your solution we need to combine them together. ( strapping  and wrapping is showing in this video)
Solution 2: using two transition conveyors (belt type) to transfer them to one line and followed by pallet inverter, strapping and stretch wrapping.
We also want to introduce timber feeding to you, it means adding wooden sticks to the bottom of the pack before strapping, no need to use a pallet.
Bleow are videos showing that:
Our production is Particle boards and Mdf Boards.
We are looking for Auto strapping and wrapping for our new line particle
boards[other option semi auto is ok].
The finishing line is from Siempelkamp Design.
I appreciate if your team can make appointment to visit at our site.
Survey and make proposal to us.
Thank you for your kind attention.