February 8, 2023

Automatic bundling machine for pipe belling.



It is not easy to connect a pipe belling machine with bundling machine,which is a type of machinery used to form a bell-shaped end on a pipe. An automatic bundling machine for pipe belling would be a machine that is capable of performing this process automatically, without the need for manual intervention. It would likely use specialized tools and equipment to shape the pipe and form the bell-shaped end, and it may be able to handle multiple pipes at the same time.

The solution designed for following requirement that for automatic belling and belling pipe bundle making and film strapping.

Pipe  ODPipe wall thicknessPipe weight KgBundle ODHow many pcs per bundleLengthPackage Weight Kgpipe descriptionNumber per timeBelling OD
1/2″2,77 mm0.7582  mm103,05 mts7.5TUBO PVC CONDUIT SCH40 1/2″ 3,05M EXC GR4 pipe per time3/4‘’
3/4″2,87 mm0.9993 mm103,05 mts9.9TUBO PVC CONDUIT SCH40 3/4″ 3,05M EXC GR  
1″3,38 mm1.47121 mm103,05 mts14.7TUBO PVC CONDUIT SCH40 1″ 3,05M EXC GR  
1/2″3,73 mm0.94880 mm103,05 mts9.48TUBO PVC CONDUIT SCH80 1/2″ 3,05M EXC GR  
3/4″3,73 mm1.288102 mm103,05 mts12.88TUBO PVC CONDUIT SCH80 3/4″ 3,05M EXC GR  
1″4,55 mm1.901121 mm103,05 mts19.01TUBO PVC CONDUIT SCH80 1″ 3,05M EXC GR  
1/2″1,52 mm0.44113 mm203,02 mts8.8TUBO PVC CONDUIT 1/2″ 3M EXC  
3/4″1,52 mm0.559143 mm203,02 mts11.18TUBO PVC CONDUIT 3/4″ 3M EXC  
1″1,52 mm0.709175 mm203,02 mts14.18TUBO PVC CONDUIT 1″ 3M EXC  
1 1/2″2,03 mm1.374178 mm103,02 mts13.74TUBO PVC CONDUIT 1 1/2″ 3M EXC  
2″2,54 mm2149162 mm53,02 mts10,745TUBO PVC CONDUIT 2″ 3M EXC  
1/2″2,36 mm0.635115 mm203,02 mts12.7TUBO PVC PRES RDE9 1/2″ 3M EXE  
3/4″2,41 mm0.83140 mm203,02 mts16.6TUBO PVC PRES RDE11 3/4″ 3M EXE  
1″2,46 mm1.082124 mm103,02 mts10.82TUBO PVC PRES RDE13,5 1″ 3M EXE  
50 mm1,8  mm1.315188 mm103,02 mts13.15TUBO PVC SANIT NORMA 50MM 3M EXC  
50 mm1,5 mm1.162188 mm103,02 mts11.62TUBO PVC SANIT ECO 50MM 3M EXC GR  
50 mm3,2 mm2.266188 mm103,02 mts22.66TUBO PVC SANIT REF 50MM 3M EXC  
1/2″2,36 mm1.266115 mm206,02 mts25.32TUBO PVC PRES RDE9 1/2″ 6M EXE  
3/4″2,41 mm1.654140 mm206,02 mts33.08TUBO PVC PRES RDE11 3/4″ 6M EXE  
1″2,46 mm2.156124 mm106,02 mts21.56TUBO PVC PRES RDE13,5 1″ 6M EXE  
1/2″3,73 mm1.84680 mm106,02 mts18.46TUBO PVC PRES SCH 80 1/2″ 6M EXE AZ  
3/4″3,91 mm2.507102 mm106,02 mts25.07TUBO PVC PRES SCH 80 3/4″ 6M EXE AZ  
1/2″2,77 mm1.582  mm106,1 mts15TUBO PVC CONDUIT SCH40 1/2″ 6,1M EXC GR  
3/4″2,87 mm1.9893 mm106,1 mts19.8TUBO PVC CONDUIT SCH40 3/4″ 6,1M EXC GR  
1″3,38 mm2.93439 mm106,1 mts29.34TUBO PVC CONDUIT SCH40 1″ 6,10M EXC GR  
1/2″3,73 mm1.89680 mm106,1 mts18.96TUBO PVC CONDUIT SCH80 1/2″ 6,1M EXC GR  
3/4″3,73 mm2.576102 mm106,1 mts25.76TUBO PVC CONDUIT SCH80 3/4″ 6,1M EXC GR  
1″4,55 mm3.802121 mm106,1 mts38.02TUBO PVC CONDUIT SCH80 1″ 6,1M EXC GR  

For bundle packing, the horizontal wrapper is a good choice.