May 27, 2022

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Horizontal Stretch Wrapper for PVC Pipe

The panel horizontal rail tension winding machine provides an automatic method of making wooden panels and panels, which helps to reduce labor costs. The cost of product packaging is also reduced because extended videos reduce the necessary bands, parts, addresses, and aspects of the dish. We can quickly cover the same series of different styles of transactions and provide an image of the same visual attraction for all your products or services to enhance your company’s pictures. The film is really a recyclable fabric. A cross pack package does not require pallets, forklifts, etc., to be handled by the underside skid and immediately enabled to be placed. We can also generate a label and package level place “C this function is also intelligent between commodity information.
1. The PLC and HMI of the automatic program can be connected to the creation range.
2. Widely applicable loading materials.
3, manual and automatic operation, easy to operate.
4. The converter follows the speed change from the ring and roll.
5. Packing tape overlap as required.
6. The packing stress is changed by a particular breaker.
7. Guardrail, gentle start, as well as basic security features, to prevent.
8, look for the best place to pack
9. It is difficult to indicate the safety alarm. The problem may soon prove.
Note: you can make it according to your specifications.
Horizontal rail stretch winding machines can use product data to create automatic contour, tube, and plate packing line systems for machining choices. The horizontal rail stretch packer relies on a user-friendly touch-screen interface for input, view, and modification of coil information. Operator screens that enable navigation to provide information for each graph.
It is suitable for system recovery, adjustment and refitting of wooden packing, fishing rod packing, aluminum packing and other mechanical consumables. In the complex process of real life packaging, sometimes abnormal phenomena occur. When a message is accidentally deleted or improperly modified by an operator, a parallel data monitoring file is maintained. This file enables the operator to reset data for any pipe in the system and then perform automatic operation.
Horizontal stretch packer technical support can help you solve every problem related to the actual problem. Whether your questions are about machine coding, technical functions, or availability of spare parts, our staff are happy to help you.

Horizontal  Stretch Wrapper for PVC Pipe