May 27, 2022

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Stretch Wrapping Machine for Stainless Steel Pipe

Fhope-e series steel pipe packing machine is mainly used for packing steel pipe, copper pipe, rod and section bar… Efficient energy-saving packaging, saving manpower and material resources.
1. Automatic operation PLC and HMI that can be connected with the production line.
2. A wide range of packaging materials.
Three. Easy to operate manual and automatic modes of operation.
4. Use frequency converter to adjust ring and roll speed.
5. Packing tape overlap as required.
6. The tension of the package is adjustable by the special circuit breaker.
7. Guardrail, soft start and stop operation safe.
8, the best packing center positioning
9. Automatically malfunction when indicating alarm. The fault can be displayed automatically.
Note: it can be designed according to your requirement.
Refer to figure 1, 2, the embodiment of the utility model, a method for extracting auxiliary polyethylene stretch packaging machine, including mold 1, left 4, telescopic cylinder hydraulic pump 7, dial 9 and drive motor 12 mode 1 to 2 and 8 polyethylene chuck force sensor 3, chuck 23 is connected to the tension sensor, tension 4 the cylinder 3 is connected to the tension sensor, force sensor 3 is arranged on the telescopic cylinder 4 and the Chuck 2 node, 3 force sensor can measure the tensile strength and 4 cylinder and 5 cylinder double acting with displacement sensor, displacement sensor to measure the tensile elongation of 54, stretching the cylinder through the control valve 67 is connected with the pump, the oil tank is arranged to polyethylene stretch material 8 the surface of the steel pipe is wound in 4, when faced with a larger pipe diameter, will not cause the dislocation slip and wound layer, to ensure product performance.
10 dial 9 and casing center position, coiling around the rod sleeve 10 and even 13, 13 stainless steel rod, cylindrical, 4 is the number 12, driving motor, motor control, 12 winding motor drive end of the 11 speed drive board, driver board 11 by a belt connected to a turntable 9, starting the driving motor 12, the drive plate 11 to rotate, driven by the belt and the plate 11 and 9 rotating connection, this time around the rod 13 8 drive sleeves in polyethylene material around 10 tube ground.
The 4 cylinder stretch will include an integrated mechanism for stretching and winding the device to increase device functionality, automation, and high productivity.
The utility model of the art, the utility model is clearly not limited to the details of the demonstration, but in the premise of the utility model from the spirit or essence characteristic, it is possible to achieve other specific forms of utility model. Therefore, no matter from what point of view, it should be regarded as an exemplary embodiment, additional requirements are not limited, and not previously described the definition of the utility model, so going to drop right means that the scope of change and the equivalent of all the elements required in included in the utility in the new. Claims shall not be considered as limiting the right of any reference mark covering the sign.