May 27, 2022

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Automatic Orbital Panel Packaging Machine

Technical characteristics:
1. It can be used with automatic shrink packing line, including feeding, packing, sealing, material recycling, etc….
2. Full shrink package
Three. Photoelectric induction positioning products.
4. In mode two feed, automatic / manual selectable,
5. PE or POF film is used on the roller, and the machine can automatically seal the other three sides.
6. According to the machine and different products match
7. Constant temperature heat sealing cutting system is suitable for polyethylene. PVC. POF and other industrial standard shrink film.
8. The sealing width can be adjusted to different products
9. The feeding speed of the system is adjustable. Combined with the end table of the tunnel, the whole machine is highly automated and can be operated automatically without the operator.
10. High speed hot air loop contraction tunnel.
11. Sealing system: permanent heating sealing strip, easy to replace sealed blade, no odor, temperature control, PLC detection.
Technology datepanel shrink packaging machine
1, seals
Control: PLC
Structural material: carbon steel
Length: 300-1000mm
Width: 30-500mm
Height: 180-500mm
Workbench height: application. 800mm
Transfer speed. 4-9m / min
Packing type: full package
Packing material: spare hole polyethylene / POF/PVC film.
Power consumption of sealing parts: app.1.8kw
Power source: 380V
Gas supply: 6 ~ 8kgf / cm2
2. Contraction part
Structural material: carbon steel
Length: 2000mm
Reduced tunnel: 4000mm
Margins: W, 500mm, x, 300mm
Heating power: app.15kw
Fever: 4pcs
Cooling fan: 1 groups
Drive part: frequency conversion motor
Transfer speed. 6 meters per minute
Temperature: 100-220 degrees
Packing materials: PE, POF membrane hole and reserve.
Power source: 380V

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Automatic Orbital Panel  Packaging Machine