May 27, 2022

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Automatic Stretch Film Strapping / Banding Machine for Profile & PVC Pipe

Fhope strapping systems, packaging systems, group produces a full range of semi-automatic and fully automated stretch packaging equipment platforms, and overhead and rail equipment. Our extensive model provides flexible solutions for a variety of applications and budgets.
Built with the best non proprietary parts, Fhope stretch packaging machines are reliable, durable and easy to replace parts. We also offer most of our standard models for EZ load membrane transport. It is pre stretched, and it can reduce your film costs by as much as 65%. No matter what the pattern is, all of our machines are designed to be executed in harsh factory environments, and backed up in some of the best guarantee operations. The quality of Fhope is built on the right of each machine.
All the products on the stock market are plug and run, so you can deliver the starter as soon as possible. We can also design packaging devices for clients based on request applications.
Our tensile packaging equipment operates in almost all types of industries, along with the successful application of the North america. Full color brochures are available for each model.The Fhope strapping system manufactures and supplies a wide range of steel and plastic strapping belts, hand tools, edge protectors, stretch film equipment and consumables, as well as standard and custom designed combination equipment. Integrated in-house research and engineering capabilities, with state-of-the-art CAD system technology, provide customers with complete packaging and unified solutions from a single source. Fhope’s engineering and sales skills, in order to customization requirements, from the initial concept, imported advanced CAD design engineering, through the manufacture and installation. Their products and systems can be found in almost every industry, and are fully sold, supported by customer service and distribution networks, including equipment world limited.
Fhope strapping system manufacturing and supply a wide range of steel and plastic strapping equipment group, standard and custom: from the handheld, manual, pneumatic tools, semi automatic and automatic strapping machine, winding machine, labeling machine, large package unit system.

Automatic Stretch Film Strapping  / Banding Machine for Profile & PVC Pipe