May 27, 2022

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Horizontal Film Wrapping Machine for Stainless Steel Tube

Fhope 4-125 is a stretch film winding spiral manual rotary ring machine. The foreskin is 400 mm in diameter and is mostly elongated and rod-shaped, with a stretched film width of 125 mm.
Horizontal packaging machines, compact and generous quality requirements, have constructed a new series. With the previous model, dense M high standards, Italy machinery incomparable advantages. With a wide range of sizes and options, the compact packing machine meets all requirements of the horizontal packaging area.
Automation level manual
Model Series Compact
Ring diameter mm 400
The conveyor height is 800 mm
Width conveyor 350 mm
2 x 400 mm length conveyor
Maximum speed 160 rpm
One side guide, 2x slip
Side guide (length x height) 2 * 370 * 100 mm
Supply voltage 1PH / 400V 3 pH + N + PE 50 / 60 Hz
Installed power 0.7 kw
Foil width mm 125
Maximum outer diameter / inner diameter [mm] 200/76 of foil
[M] 17-50 film thickness
Minimum size 50 * 50 mm
Minimum length 450 mm
See Graff for maximum size
Packaging cycle complete packaging products, packaging pedals

The invention adopts a main drive variable speed motor drive not only the traditional packaging receivingtransferring, but as a computer-controlled servo main drive control scheme involving two or more than two slaves to follow the main drive motor control signal from a motion control computer. According to this arrangement, servo driven horizontal packaging machines perform digital control over machine time rather than real-time control.
In addition, according to the invention, the use of digital control technology and servo level of package driven motor for fast and accurate positioning error correction makes the scale of production and achieve rapid conversion of waste minimization control registration deadline in the packaging operation stage all the accurate proportion. In addition, a digital error ratio control scheme is provided for web printing registration to compensate for a change in the printing repetition or feed characteristics of a network drive element.

Horizontal Film Wrapping Machine for Stainless Steel Tube