May 27, 2022

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Horizontal Stainless Steel Tube Wrapping Machine

Fhope-e series horizontal rail packaging machine is mainly used for packing steel tube, rod, copper, aluminum and so on, has the advantages of high efficiency, packaging beautiful, save labor and material costs. The series machines are noted for their high quality and structural features. In order to meet more customer needs and more challenging applications, the machine will continue to improve its design and function day by day, ready for your high standards, high-quality applications.
The horizontal rail winding machine can input the tube bundle data into the touch screen, which is convenient and quick, and the processing options are different. The long package data relies on a user-friendly touchscreen and interface that can be seen and modified on the screen. The operator just needs to press the screen and even wear gloves. The packing machine can be used for tube packing, profile packing and aluminum packing. This machine provides a method of system reset, recovery, adjustment and modification. In the complex actual packaging process, sometimes abnormal phenomena occur. When an operator accidentally erases or improperly modifies it, a parallel data monitoring file is maintained. This file enables the operator to reset data for any pipe in the system and then perform automatic operation.
Horizontal track stretch packer technical support can help you solve every problem and practical problem. Any problem, every team of us is happy to be ready to help you.

Horizontal  Stainless Steel Tube Wrapping Machine