May 27, 2022

Orbital wrapper

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Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper for Panel & Profile

Horizontal rail stretch packaging / packaging machines are designed for straight objects. It has achieved success in special-shaped products, tubes, plates and other industries. Flat knitting machine is used for steel tube packing, aluminum profile packing, door and window packing, bar packing, panel packing, etc….
It is high speed and efficient equipment for your packing
Solution。 The horizontal rail packer installed in the Fhope has been adequately designed and manufactured in a number of manufacturing locations. In the market launch of the company’s authoritative scientific knowledge package, moving things: complementarity, opportunity management contract to complete a series of adding functional superposition, handling, packaging, packing, packaging and product quality ability of the proposed project in any way the speed of generation finally praise options.
We can provide the best horizontal rail stretch packaging machines / stretch packing machine solutions for your needs, no matter how small or large quantities of supplies are packed. In package packing, horizontal rail packing / packing machines are suitable for all commercial rectangular strapping machines, doors, profiles, tubes, panels… Because of the modular structure, you can cover various packages, styles, and quantities across the overlay collection. Automatic horizontal rail stretch packaging is capable of automatically loading connecting feed conveyors. Manual operation or part of the internal production line is available. Package load is automatically transferred throughout the packaging station to expand membrane applications. Our continued commitment to customer service and extended service continuity in horizontal stretch packaging machines and rail stretch packaging machines has continued to be proven by many loyal customers for a long time.
Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper for Panel & Profile