May 27, 2022

Orbital wrapper

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Automatic wire coil compacting and wrapping machine


[下午5:21, 2020年10月13日] Vincent: Learning from your list, we don’t think the master coil wrapper is a economic solution per your wire coil size.


The mormal ring type coil wrapping is able meet your goal.
[下午5:23, 2020年10月13日] Vincent: This type ring coil wrapper
[下午5:23, 2020年10月13日] Vincent:–FPS-800.html
[下午5:24, 2020年10月13日] Vincent: This machine can be add to the coil tilter of the compacting line for wire coil packing
[下午5:27, 2020年10月13日] Vincent: For the strapping, the PET is a good choice for the wire coil banding.
[下午5:29, 2020年10月13日] Vincent: The total cost app. $315,000—$355,000 for the automatic compacting and packing line
[下午5:29, 2020年10月13日] Vincent: Only 1-2 mans for handling the line.
[下午5:32, 2020年10月13日] Vincent: If budget is limited, you can choose: manually loading +automatic compacting +manual strapping+automatic take off the spool+wrapping: