May 27, 2022

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Automatic Profile Wrapping Machine with Superior After-sale Service

The workpiece is pressed on the workpiece in different angles, and the process pressure and pressure can be adjusted according to different coating materials.A complete manufacturing process can be fully automated assembly line, the normal work can be done without human intervention, which requires from adhesive coating material, expected to send until the product is completed. Reduce labor cost, ensure the qualified rate and processing efficiency of processed products.General introduction PVC profile laminating / packaging machineThis machine adopts an easy and simple adhesive system. Two kinds of gum. This is water, solvent, or petroleum solvent. PVC paste resin can be used on various surface melamine film. The machine uses high quality steel and welded bolt joint frames to avoid disfigurement. High precision gear drive, mechanical stepless speed change in motor, stepless speed regulation. The bottom wheels are all made of aluminum based silicone rubber. They are abrasion resistant and non stick glue. And it can be used for a long time. The rubber plate can move up or down according to the height of the workpiece, so that the packing can be carried out smoothly. Mainly for the production of decorative materials, with PVC aluminum surface wound, maintain uniform coating by scraping system, applicable to a variety of complex shapes, such as corner, left and right, arc roughness, extrusion shape, in order to obtain good surface.

1. During the warranty period, maintenance and repair services are free of charge. We will prepare the relevant spare parts
Before shipping for you.
2, during the warranty period, you can visit the factory free of charge about the operation and routine maintenance training.
3, technical guarantee: if you need our engineers to help you install the train in your workshop. We’ll do as you ask.
4, quality warranty: two years warranty.
5. Quick response.. 7 * 24 technical services
We provide lifetime maintenance and technical support, so you can call us any time.
For more information on the packaging machine, video and configuration files, packing prices, please feel free to contact us.

Automatic Profile Wrapping Machine with Superior After-sale Service