May 27, 2022

Orbital wrapper

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Automatic Orbital Bubble Film Packing Machine for Panel

Increase execution speed and reduce labor cost! The pacjacket3 system automatically seals your product in a lightweight, ultra protective bubble bag made from a durable, moisture-proof, multi layer, CO extruded polyethylene film.
Quality, accuracy, and speed are what we want for our customers in our development of pacjacket3 automated packaging solutions. Our new single page design produces a high quality seal that provides greater safety in its content and reduces the amount of heat seal needed to produce a finished package off system.
The design of this new pacjacket3 enhanced mass increases our throughput by up to a staggering 25% compared to the previous generation of automated packaging systems.
The average pacjacket3 machine produces 15-20 bags per minute with a foam protective film, and by comparison, a man’s hand held, sealed kraft paper composite bubble bag primarily presents an average of 3 bags per minute. * increase efficiency by 400 to 500%!

We know that choosing your telescopic packaging machine can be difficult, and our packaging equipment professionals are glad to help you select the best stretch packaging equipment for your needs and budget.
There are two types of packaging: rotary stretch wrap or straddle stretch packaging. The turntable stretch packer is a removable device for packing loads on most pallets; on it, when the film transport system moves up and down, the load on the turntable rotates on the tensile film. It requires a pallet with a uniform and uniform weight distribution. It is usually shorter than a fork packer, ranging in price from $5000 to $15000 and producing medium to low volume goods.
Cross extension type wrapper around the tray rotation, and distribution of film in load to maintain the static situation, make it become the ideal choice for unstable load, when the weight tray rotates or weighs more than 5000 pounds, it can dump. The straddle tray pack is fixed on the floor and occupies more ground space than the turntable is stretched to pack. Straddle stretch packaging generally costs $17500, produced 100 loads per hour.
Unusual or extremely heavy loads, the need for a consistent, high power pack or not tray wrapping in rotary, the bell to provide LAN automatic level wrapping machine. This custom-built machine is ideal for production operations, large volume, end line packaging environments, and this track stretch package has been successful in industries such as textiles, building products, and fabricated metals.

Automatic Orbital Bubble Film Packing Machine for Panel