September 30, 2023

2 leading Coil packing machine manufacturer

Steel strip coil packing

Steel strip coil packing


WThe FHOPE PACKAGING MACHINERY CO.,LTD as leading manufacturer of for the coil packing machinery and relative automation system.

coil packing macine

They providing coil wrapping equipments for consumer product companies per different coil packaging and coil handling way. The package are looking for reliable, easy-to-use. They prodcuts focus on easy-to set-up and easy-to-maintain wrapping solutions.This manufacturer with 10+ years experience in helping consumer for coil packaging. That reduce the packaging cost and societal impact of their product packaging while improving packaging appearance and maintaining product integrity. Now Fhope has deliveried more than 1654 sets of coil wrapping machine to 65 countries and gained high appreciation from our customers.


Steel strip coil packing

This is another professional manufacturer for coil packing machine in China with 15years. Shjlpack providing almost full range coil packaging solution for their clients. As long as for coil object’s packaging requirement, you can find the suitable solution in Shjlpack.

The coil packaging machine designed by SHJLPACK is occupy app. 20% market in China. The project provided is major for steel coilsindustry. The coil wrapping machine is widly using to aluminum coil, copper coil… The automatic coil packing system is their key range of the products.