September 30, 2023

the orbital stretch wrapper

PLC Make and Model of the orbital stretch wrapper
(a) The Programmable Controller (PLC) shall be manufactured by General
Electric or Siemens. The PLC shall have “Ethernet”, “Profibus”, and
“Remote I/O” capabilities. “Remote I/O“ shall be running at the highest,
reliable baud rate.
(b) The PLC System of the orbital stretch wrapper shall incorporate “Remote I/O” (“Daisy Chain”
configuration) strategically located throughout the line for ease of
installation and maintenance.
(c) The PLC Processor and any Remote I/O modules shall be supplied with a
voltage surge suppression device. Preferred manufacturers are Control
Concepts (Model IC+115), Leviton, Tycor, or equivalent.
(d) orbital stretch wrapper SUPPLIER shall supply DIN rail mounted circuit breakers
for the I/O modules and field I/O power. HMI System
(a) HMI system is to be the latest version of GE Proficy or Siemens
(b) The package must be licensed for sufficient I/O to complete the project
plus 20% spare.
14.3.16 Runtime and development licenses are required.
14.3.17 PC systems and HMI shall have capability to interface via ODBC to an Oracle
database on Purchaser’s Level II system.
14.3.18 Stretch wrapping System to consist of: film device, conveyor, spiral orbital PC’s operation