Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine with Rotary Arm

Fhopepack spiral arm winding machine is designed for packing tray loads that are unstable, grotesque, or very heavy. The machine uses the rotating arm technology of the fhopepack rotating tensile membrane rack in the tray load wrapping around the load and holding the stationary. Each fhopepack machine adopts heavy duty welded steel structure with excellent durability. The rotating arm of each machine can also be easily adjusted to accommodate the maximum versatility of the larger load. The machine’s power pre stretched compartment allows tensile film to easily enter the machine and provides optimum load containment with minimal tensile film wrapping. The fhopepack also features an easy-to-use touch screen operating interface that allows the operator to easily adjust packaging, quantity, packaging, tension of film tension, and peak functionality overlap and repeat settings. The fhopepack rotary arm stretch machine is available in both automatic and semi-automatic modes. Unsurpassed in functionality, extreme efficiency and outstanding functionality, the fhopepack machine offers ideal pallet packaging solutions for your business. For more information about fhopepack machines, including technical details and configuration options.
The overhead rotating arm stretch packaging system eliminates the need for rotating trays for stretch wrapping. With this kind of stretching machine, the heavy or unstable goods can be packed quickly and effectively. It is usually used in conjunction with other parts of the packing line.

Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine with Rotary ArmĀ