Full-automatic Orbital Packing Line

This is an automatic packaging machine, applicable to electronics, building materials, metallurgy and other industries. Its main feature is the development of an efficient automatic gluing mechanism. The front and rear membrane covering device can realize automatic film coating on the package. Automatic block device is suitable for wood (plywood), paper, foam pad and other materials.The main process: the machine after the preparation of the film, automatic delivery to the correct position, and according to the requirements of the pad, and then continue to enter the packaging machine front cover film, packaging, the back end of the membrane covering, the film is cut in the end of the packaging to complete the packaging process. It’s simple and effective.
The packing line is made up of two parts. One is blister packing machine and the other is carton machine. The following description shows the entire row. The next part is blister packing machine.
The zh180 automatic packer is a horizontal, continuous, fully automatic cartoon machine. The machine can automatically load the product, fold the sheet, open the carton, insert the single product into the carton, print the batch number, close the carton and export the packing product. This machine is suitable for blister, packing tubes, bottles, pharmaceuticals, food, daily necessities, chemicals, hardware and other industries. This machine is equipped with detection, alarm and fault display system. It is composed of sensing element, photoelectric tube and mechanical overload protector. There are no products, no cartons, no fliers, no cartons. The line is controlled by the PLC man-machine interface and the continuous channel mobile system, which ensures the high-speed and stable operation of the machine. This packing line is mainly produced by our company. Compared with other machines, it has the following characteristics. It will work at a high speed. 2. High speed smooth Good quality, guaranteed. Fast and efficient after-sales service

Full-automatic Orbital Packing LineĀ