Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine for pallet

The machine is designed for wood and panels. It can reduce the labor costs. It is nearly unlimited in customizing for working with bundling machine, shrinking machine, stacking machines. It also has guardrails to protect wrapping safety. There ois indicator security alarms on the machine. When trouble occurs,  problems will be demonstrated quickly. It also can pack wood, fishing rob, aluminum and other mechanical equipment. It has a big advantage. It means that it can be recycled, adjusted and modified. The overlapping rate is within 20%-80%.




  • Voltage (V/Hz:AC 380/50( or your requirement)
  • Power (KW):6.5
  •  OD(mm):800-1800
  • Length(mm):2000-6000
  • Weight(Kg):100-2000
  • Packing material :PE/Stretch film/knit belt/VCI paper
  • Ring speed(r/min) : 30-60
  • Wrapping speed:2-9m/min
  • Overlapping rate: 20-80%


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