E600 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine

It has strong structure and Reinforce aluminum. Four rings and double PU wheel devices make machine work stablely. You can adjust the friction between driving wheels and rings. Besides, you can adjust the wrapping start and stop poingts. The structure of machine is covered by protection shield. In addition, it has Press down decice. One is on in-feeding and the other is on out-let conveyor. It makes machine workable for big and small package with nice surface.



Technical data:

Object size: Length:>1500mm

Bundle OD:300-600


Infeed conveyor:2000mm L×800mmW

Outfeed conveyor: 2000mmL×800mmW

Material: LLDPE stretch film/ Paper/ Woven

Width: 150-300mm

OD: 100-250mm

ID: 50mm(Let me know, if you need another size)

Air Supply 5~8kgf/cm2

Conveyor Speed: 3~12m/min

Ring speed: App.10-60r/min

Machine size: App. L5200 x W1800 x H1800mm

Power output: about 4.5kw

Power voltage: AC 380v,50Hz,3Phase

Control Power voltage ADC24V


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