E300 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine

It is designed for horizontal shapes such as pipe, sheet, door, floor board. It can make the wrappage well-protected, sealed and tidy. The machine can’t make many noise during working. It is worth mentioning that the waste of gas will meet within national requirement. That is say it is a environmatal machine. And you can cutting down total packaging cost at largest. In other words, it helps you reduce the expense.


Technical parameter:

Bundle OD: 100-300mm
Bundle length: >1000mm
In feeding conveyor length: 2000mm with motor
Out feeding conveyor length: 2000mm with motor
Speed: 6~12m/min
Ring speed: 20-90r/min
Wrapping speed:5-15m/min
Power output: about 2.5kw
Power voltage: 380v, 3PH. 60Hz
Packing material: polyethylene foil
OD:100-200mm   Width:100-200mm   ID:50mm


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