E2400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine

This machine is so big thatit is able handing the load with OD<2000mm. The product after wrapping can be well-product & sealed in good appearance. The capacity of the flat&hard ground should be upto 500KG/square. The conveyor system can be up to you. It has Conveyor system, Automatic wrapping Protect System, PLC& HMI control system. In additon, it also has Automatic mechanical hand. It can clamp for next wrapping automaticly.


Technical Parameter:
Object size:
Width: 1000-2200mm
Height: 200-2200mm
Load OD<2400mm
Entrance conveyer length: 2500mm
Outlet conveyer length: 2500mm
Speed: 4~15m/min
Ring speed: 10-40r/min
Power output: about 7.5kw
Power voltage: AC 380v,60Hz,3Phase
LLDPE stretch film/PE film/PVC
Width: 300/500mm
OD: 100-250mm
ID: 50/76mm


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