E200 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine

This machine has durable ring and strong structure, so it can be used for a long time.As same as ordinary machine, it is equipped with indicator alarms. Adnd separate control panel could make operation easily. You can change the speed by inverter. The color of the machine can be chosen according to your requirements.


Technical parameter:
Bundle OD: 100-300mm
Bundle length: >1000mm
In feeding conveyor length: 2000mm with motor
Out feeding conveyor length: 2000mm with motor
Speed: 6~12m/min
Ring speed: 20-90r/min
Wrapping speed:5-15m/min
Power output: about 2.5kw
Power voltage: 380v, 3PH. 60Hz
Packing material: polyethylene foil
OD:100-200mm   Width:100-200mm   ID:50m


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