E100 Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine

In this area, Fhope has rich experience. And it provides the high quality wapping by strict manufacturing processes. We have many useful option and device on the machine to make the machine work effectively.

As same as the most Automatic orbital stretch wrapper, it is with the most cost-effective system solution. You can the speed bu changing the HZ. And you can adjust the overlapping from 10%-90%. The most feature is that the machine with no manual labor. Meanwhile , it can meet your requirement within your budget. You can choose the length of conveyor, Max loading, Ring size and Pre-stretch film frame by yourself.



Technical parameter:

Package OD: 50-100mm

Package length: >1000mm


In feeding conveyor length: 2000mm with motor

Out feeding conveyor length: 2000mm with motor

Speed: 6~12m/min

Ring speed: 20-120r/min

Wrapping speed:3-15m/min

Power output: about 2.5kw

Power voltage: 380v, 3PH. 60Hz

Packing material: polyethylene foil

OD:100-200mm   Width:50-100mm



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