Orbital Stretch Wrapper with Rotary Arm

fhopepack track stretch pack is an innovative packaging solution that can not and weird loads. The patented semi-automatic track packing […]

Stainless Steel Coil Wrapping Machine

Horizontal packaging machine is widely used in various pipe coils, steel coils, copper strips, aluminum bars, cable coils and other […]

Horizontal Stretch Wrapper for PVC Pipe

The panel horizontal rail tension winding machine provides an automatic method of making wooden panels and panels, which helps to […]

Automatic Orbital Panel Packaging Machine

Technical characteristics: 1. It can be used with automatic shrink packing line, including feeding, packing, sealing, material recycling, etc…. 2. […]

Automatic Horizontal Profile Wrapper

Fhope WRAPPER is suitable for industrial production and even 6 meters long shafts, pipes and profiles, aluminum or other metals […]

Full-automatic Rod Film Wrapping Machine

Fv350-200 automatic inline rail packing machine designed to elongate products such as pipes, tubes and bars. This fully automatic programming […]

Horizontal Wrapping Machine for Door

The Fhope series machines build quality standards and construction specifications, improve and reflect through time. Higher satisfaction has been gained […]