the orbital stretch wrapper

PLC Make and Model of the orbital stretch wrapper
(a) The Programmable Controller (PLC) shall be manufactured by General
Electric or Siemens. The PLC shall have “Ethernet”, “Profibus”, and
“Remote I/O” capabilities. “Remote I/O“ shall be running at the highest,
reliable baud rate.
(b) The PLC System of the orbital stretch wrapper shall incorporate “Remote I/O” (“Daisy Chain”
configuration) strategically located throughout the line for ease of
installation and maintenance.
(c) The PLC Processor and any Remote I/O modules shall be supplied with a
voltage surge suppression device. Preferred manufacturers are Control
Concepts (Model IC+115), Leviton, Tycor, or equivalent.
(d) orbital stretch wrapper SUPPLIER shall supply DIN rail mounted circuit breakers
for the I/O modules and field I/O power. HMI System
(a) HMI system is to be the latest version of GE Proficy or Siemens
(b) The package must be licensed for sufficient I/O to complete the project
plus 20% spare.
14.3.16 Runtime and development licenses are required.
14.3.17 PC systems and HMI shall have capability to interface via ODBC to an Oracle
database on Purchaser’s Level II system.
14.3.18 Stretch wrapping System to consist of: film device, conveyor, spiral orbital PC’s operation

horizontal orbital wrapper E300

Well received your information.

Please check the quotation attached to the automatic bar bundle wrapper.

The machine is able to work both stretch film and pp woven cutting and infeeding.

Feel free contact with me for further information.

Bar bundle No  Length OD Weight What is the packing material
1   Dia 8mm x 25pcs 1mtr /2mtr or 3mtrs You can calculate 8.25kgs/16.50kgs/24.75kgs Stretch film or plastic woven fabric
2   Dia 10mm x 20pcs 1mtr /2mtr or 3mtrs You can calculate 10kgs/20kgs/30kgs Stretch film or plastic woven fabric
3 Dia 12mm x 10pcs 1mtr /2mtr or 3mtrs You can calculate 7.2kgs/14.40kgs/21.40kgs Stretch film or plastic woven fabric

We are interested in buying horizontal wrapping machine e300 Fhope-F100. PLease send us more details and also price.

We are manufacturing Steel Threaded bars and we want to wrap these bars in bundles of 3,5,10,20 and 25pcs.

We await your earliest reply.

Orbital Stretch Wrapper with Rotary Arm

fhopepack track stretch pack is an innovative packaging solution that can not and weird loads.
The patented semi-automatic track packing machine is a unique device, the operator through the forklift to the tray into the machine. The device only needs an operator, and when they do not leave the forklift when used very smart.
fhopepack track stretched package protects the product to ensure unbelievable ease of use. It is so versatile and powerful that it can handle and package a variety of different shapes of goods. It is so unique, fast and efficient, it enhances the process and productivity of manufacturers and customers around the world.
fhopepack track stretch packs can be handled and can not be used with turntable products. It overcomes the standard, oversized, low-key and irregular shapes, without weight restrictions. Some images show some difficult products that have been packed and safely shipped to this excellent track stretch package.
The device ultimately increases productivity, employee performance and productivity, reduces labor costs and demands all of these. It can make multiple products make it very flexible and versatile.
The fhopepack track stretch package is very safe and it eliminates any potential movement that could lead to return or lift damage. The workplace can be confident that the device will protect the product and the employee because it can safely guarantee the loading of the tray without the need for additional belts or straps and will not cause damage to its effects.
fhopepack track stretch packaging
Setting the device takes less than an hour. Maintenance costs are low, very easy to use. The unit is inserted into any 110v port, the fork groove makes the unit in the desired place. The stretching process takes 3 minutes or less to allow for faster operation. It uses the standard 20 “film machine”. There is no stretch packaging method to overcome the benefits and overall savings (consumption, labor, freight and efficiency) provided by fhopeapck.

Orbital Stretch Wrapper with Rotary Arm

Orbital Stretch Wrapping machine for Panel & Door

Horizontal streamer is an entry-level wrapper that offers the widest range of product sizes available on its category. It replaces the former Fhope primary package and provides better flexibility and user friendliness. For the needs of small and medium-sized flexible solutions to meet the ideal of multi-product enterprises.
The kit is fully packaged with 101 electronic motors and drives, allowing quick and easy installation and replacement, reducing product and movie waste during production and providing low maintenance costs.
This mature production technology for BOSCH high-end mobile packaging. The process suite also reduces spare parts inventory and reduces the total cost of ownership of customers who wish to expand BOSCH packaging packaging. US local manufacturers ensure fast delivery and quick service response from customers in North America and Latin America.
This guide describes the basics of side-stream packaging. The aim is to educate users about new streaming packages and to help experienced users find quick reference guides. In addition to the basic principles of the packaging process, it also includes common parts of calculation and troubleshooting, helping users to set up initial packaging, change new products, or solve common problems in operating process packaging.
Stream packaging principle
2. Seal the surface heat, residence time and pressure
three. Movie type
Common formula
Process package troubleshooting
For more information on streaming packages, see “Importing Process Packages” in our white paper.
Through the acquisition of BOSCH packaging machine, you will get a wide range of after-sales service. BOSCH Packaging Services is your comprehensive solution provider with a strong global network based on local action.
Whenever you need practical help or advice, Bosch experts will support you. Our comprehensive range of services from standard service to complete service packs is tailored to your specific needs.

 Orbital Stretch Wrapping machine for Panel & Door

Stainless Steel Coil Wrapping Machine

Horizontal packaging machine is widely used in various pipe coils, steel coils, copper strips, aluminum bars, cable coils and other winding things, so that products are well protected, sealed, waterproof, dustproof, rustproof, and easy to transport. Can be connected to the production line for automatic operation.
With the industry’s leading comprehensive industry knowledge, we are committed to providing high quality horizontal coil packaging machine series. The supplied machine provides a simple fill volume setting through the electronic reed switch sensor system. It helps to reduce the weighing switching time and the filling system based on displacement pumps. In our manufacturing units, our engineers designed machines that met international trade standards and used heavy duty casting materials. In addition, customers can obtain machines from us at industry-leading prices.
For packaging: plastic pipe hose coil packaging / packing machine, coil winding machine packaging with PVC 1kg to 500kg, the coil size is OD:200-3000mm, width of 50-1500mm… Even if there are automatic coiling and fittings packaging solutions.
For copper coil packaging: horizontal coils, stretch wrap and vertical coils are available for copper strip, coil sheet, coil packaging. Automatic packaging and stacking can help you significantly reduce labor costs.
Tire tire packaging: packaging / packing machine can be designed with different functions, to meet your tire packaging, logo tapping, label printing needs… Your truck tires, bicycle tires, car tires…
For bearing packaging: the bearing packaging machine is a unique design designed by the shjlpack eye through the packaging machine. Different packing materials and packing requirements in different areas can be selected in different seasons. It is an easy to run packaging device to increase your speed.

Stretch Wrapping Machine for Stainless Steel Pipe

Fhope-e series steel pipe packing machine is mainly used for packing steel pipe, copper pipe, rod and section bar… Efficient energy-saving packaging, saving manpower and material resources.
1. Automatic operation PLC and HMI that can be connected with the production line.
2. A wide range of packaging materials.
Three. Easy to operate manual and automatic modes of operation.
4. Use frequency converter to adjust ring and roll speed.
5. Packing tape overlap as required.
6. The tension of the package is adjustable by the special circuit breaker.
7. Guardrail, soft start and stop operation safe.
8, the best packing center positioning
9. Automatically malfunction when indicating alarm. The fault can be displayed automatically.
Note: it can be designed according to your requirement.
Refer to figure 1, 2, the embodiment of the utility model, a method for extracting auxiliary polyethylene stretch packaging machine, including mold 1, left 4, telescopic cylinder hydraulic pump 7, dial 9 and drive motor 12 mode 1 to 2 and 8 polyethylene chuck force sensor 3, chuck 23 is connected to the tension sensor, tension 4 the cylinder 3 is connected to the tension sensor, force sensor 3 is arranged on the telescopic cylinder 4 and the Chuck 2 node, 3 force sensor can measure the tensile strength and 4 cylinder and 5 cylinder double acting with displacement sensor, displacement sensor to measure the tensile elongation of 54, stretching the cylinder through the control valve 67 is connected with the pump, the oil tank is arranged to polyethylene stretch material 8 the surface of the steel pipe is wound in 4, when faced with a larger pipe diameter, will not cause the dislocation slip and wound layer, to ensure product performance.
10 dial 9 and casing center position, coiling around the rod sleeve 10 and even 13, 13 stainless steel rod, cylindrical, 4 is the number 12, driving motor, motor control, 12 winding motor drive end of the 11 speed drive board, driver board 11 by a belt connected to a turntable 9, starting the driving motor 12, the drive plate 11 to rotate, driven by the belt and the plate 11 and 9 rotating connection, this time around the rod 13 8 drive sleeves in polyethylene material around 10 tube ground.
The 4 cylinder stretch will include an integrated mechanism for stretching and winding the device to increase device functionality, automation, and high productivity.
The utility model of the art, the utility model is clearly not limited to the details of the demonstration, but in the premise of the utility model from the spirit or essence characteristic, it is possible to achieve other specific forms of utility model. Therefore, no matter from what point of view, it should be regarded as an exemplary embodiment, additional requirements are not limited, and not previously described the definition of the utility model, so going to drop right means that the scope of change and the equivalent of all the elements required in included in the utility in the new. Claims shall not be considered as limiting the right of any reference mark covering the sign.

Horizontal Stretch Wrapper for PVC Pipe

The panel horizontal rail tension winding machine provides an automatic method of making wooden panels and panels, which helps to reduce labor costs. The cost of product packaging is also reduced because extended videos reduce the necessary bands, parts, addresses, and aspects of the dish. We can quickly cover the same series of different styles of transactions and provide an image of the same visual attraction for all your products or services to enhance your company’s pictures. The film is really a recyclable fabric. A cross pack package does not require pallets, forklifts, etc., to be handled by the underside skid and immediately enabled to be placed. We can also generate a label and package level place “C this function is also intelligent between commodity information.
1. The PLC and HMI of the automatic program can be connected to the creation range.
2. Widely applicable loading materials.
3, manual and automatic operation, easy to operate.
4. The converter follows the speed change from the ring and roll.
5. Packing tape overlap as required.
6. The packing stress is changed by a particular breaker.
7. Guardrail, gentle start, as well as basic security features, to prevent.
8, look for the best place to pack
9. It is difficult to indicate the safety alarm. The problem may soon prove.
Note: you can make it according to your specifications.
Horizontal rail stretch winding machines can use product data to create automatic contour, tube, and plate packing line systems for machining choices. The horizontal rail stretch packer relies on a user-friendly touch-screen interface for input, view, and modification of coil information. Operator screens that enable navigation to provide information for each graph.
It is suitable for system recovery, adjustment and refitting of wooden packing, fishing rod packing, aluminum packing and other mechanical consumables. In the complex process of real life packaging, sometimes abnormal phenomena occur. When a message is accidentally deleted or improperly modified by an operator, a parallel data monitoring file is maintained. This file enables the operator to reset data for any pipe in the system and then perform automatic operation.
Horizontal stretch packer technical support can help you solve every problem related to the actual problem. Whether your questions are about machine coding, technical functions, or availability of spare parts, our staff are happy to help you.

Horizontal  Stretch Wrapper for PVC Pipe

Automatic Orbital Panel Packaging Machine

Technical characteristics:
1. It can be used with automatic shrink packing line, including feeding, packing, sealing, material recycling, etc….
2. Full shrink package
Three. Photoelectric induction positioning products.
4. In mode two feed, automatic / manual selectable,
5. PE or POF film is used on the roller, and the machine can automatically seal the other three sides.
6. According to the machine and different products match
7. Constant temperature heat sealing cutting system is suitable for polyethylene. PVC. POF and other industrial standard shrink film.
8. The sealing width can be adjusted to different products
9. The feeding speed of the system is adjustable. Combined with the end table of the tunnel, the whole machine is highly automated and can be operated automatically without the operator.
10. High speed hot air loop contraction tunnel.
11. Sealing system: permanent heating sealing strip, easy to replace sealed blade, no odor, temperature control, PLC detection.
Technology datepanel shrink packaging machine
1, seals
Control: PLC
Structural material: carbon steel
Length: 300-1000mm
Width: 30-500mm
Height: 180-500mm
Workbench height: application. 800mm
Transfer speed. 4-9m / min
Packing type: full package
Packing material: spare hole polyethylene / POF/PVC film.
Power consumption of sealing parts: app.1.8kw
Power source: 380V
Gas supply: 6 ~ 8kgf / cm2
2. Contraction part
Structural material: carbon steel
Length: 2000mm
Reduced tunnel: 4000mm
Margins: W, 500mm, x, 300mm
Heating power: app.15kw
Fever: 4pcs
Cooling fan: 1 groups
Drive part: frequency conversion motor
Transfer speed. 6 meters per minute
Temperature: 100-220 degrees
Packing materials: PE, POF membrane hole and reserve.
Power source: 380V

Our corporation holds specialization in manufacturing and exporting a best quality assortment of Electrical Control Panel to our respected clients. These panels are used as main low-tension switchboards in power stations, large industrial plants, process industries and other heavy plants for distribution and control of power. Our Electrical Control Panel is particularly designed to make sure utmost complete flexibility in operation. Further, we offer these highly efficient panels at very affordable prices.

Automatic Orbital Panel  Packaging Machine

Automatic Horizontal Profile Wrapper

Fhope WRAPPER is suitable for industrial production and even 6 meters long shafts, pipes and profiles, aluminum or other metals or polyvinyl chloride, it can not be easily protected with manual packaging due to its weight and very long nature. Using 2 kilowatts of installed power, the machine can be wrapped in the width and diameter of different sizes of the above items, and weight even up to 200/300 kg. The type and size of the conveyor will depend on the nature and size of the tensile packaging product.
For the economical consumption of the stretched film, a built-in pre stretched unit extends the LLDPE tensile film on the packaging machinery of the product”. As a “product”, while in feed / transfer, we obtain a uniform overlap / spiral wrapping of the stretched film, both on the “product” surface package. This allows the product to be subject to dust and moisture protection, and ensures a longer storage life at lower packaging costs.
The machine can be conveniently integrated into the conveyor line, saving a lot of labor and time. When the needs of a large number of these products or new expansion project, the industry can install this machine, and save a lot of cost in packing cost, labor cost, packing time, the machine will soon recover the cost.
Suitable for packing of single board, paper, foil and vinyl material.
In addition to the standard function of the machine: each roll automatically edge two magazines.
The infrared heater 3 is controlled by the PCs. Preheat unit 15 particle Eva 100 points. Hopper (cyclone separator) pellet feed. – heater blower.
PVA or Eva (hot melt) sizing, unwinding, foil, veneers, blades, magazines, stations
Infrared curing device for roller pressure tracking roller of hot air blower (upper / lower / side).

Automatic Horizontal Profile Wrapper

Horizontal Film Wrapping Machine for Stainless Steel Tube

Fhope 4-125 is a stretch film winding spiral manual rotary ring machine. The foreskin is 400 mm in diameter and is mostly elongated and rod-shaped, with a stretched film width of 125 mm.
Horizontal packaging machines, compact and generous quality requirements, have constructed a new series. With the previous model, dense M high standards, Italy machinery incomparable advantages. With a wide range of sizes and options, the compact packing machine meets all requirements of the horizontal packaging area.
Automation level manual
Model Series Compact
Ring diameter mm 400
The conveyor height is 800 mm
Width conveyor 350 mm
2 x 400 mm length conveyor
Maximum speed 160 rpm
One side guide, 2x slip
Side guide (length x height) 2 * 370 * 100 mm
Supply voltage 1PH / 400V 3 pH + N + PE 50 / 60 Hz
Installed power 0.7 kw
Foil width mm 125
Maximum outer diameter / inner diameter [mm] 200/76 of foil
[M] 17-50 film thickness
Minimum size 50 * 50 mm
Minimum length 450 mm
See Graff for maximum size
Packaging cycle complete packaging products, packaging pedals

The invention adopts a main drive variable speed motor drive not only the traditional packaging receivingtransferring, but as a computer-controlled servo main drive control scheme involving two or more than two slaves to follow the main drive motor control signal from a motion control computer. According to this arrangement, servo driven horizontal packaging machines perform digital control over machine time rather than real-time control.
In addition, according to the invention, the use of digital control technology and servo level of package driven motor for fast and accurate positioning error correction makes the scale of production and achieve rapid conversion of waste minimization control registration deadline in the packaging operation stage all the accurate proportion. In addition, a digital error ratio control scheme is provided for web printing registration to compensate for a change in the printing repetition or feed characteristics of a network drive element.

Horizontal Film Wrapping Machine for Stainless Steel Tube